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* Software for the Business Forms Distributor *

Celebrating Over 25 Years serving Business Forms Distributors.

Last Update: 12/12/2009

The D/PAC Software is serving Business Forms Distributor's in the following states:

* Alabama * Arkansas * California * Colorado * Florida * Iowa * Illinois * Kansas * Kentucky * Louisiana * Michigan * Mississippi * Montana * Nebraska * New Jersey * New Mexico * Ohio * Oklahoma * Pennsylvania * South Carolina * Tennessee * Texas * Washington *


* highly qualified professionals * well-maintained clientele * strategic market position * reputation for providing superior customer support * monthly updates to D/PAC * custom programming * software development * support / training *

Applications include:  Customer Analysis, Sales Analysis, Order Processing, Job Tracking, Forms Management, Inventory Analysis, Cost Center Reporting, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Vendor Analysis, General Ledger, Payroll, and Employee Analysis.......


TOTAL Software, Inc.
9511 Hwy 5 N, #14
Alexander, Arkansas 72002-7917

(800) 951-6430 [Phone]

dpacsupport [Skype]

(214) 231-2812 [Fax]

E-mail addresses:


Technical Support


TOTAL Software, Inc. is a professional firm developing software and providing on-going technical and operational support to Business Forms Distributor's.  Our technical background is based on many years in the computer industry with over a hundred installations throughout the United States, supporting forms distributors since 1983.

Although the D/PAC Software is our major product with over a hundred installations, we also provide software and technical support to the following industries; Business Forms Manufacturers, Laser Manufacturing, and General distribution.

The D/PAC Software runs in the Windows family environment using the Comet Database Operating System provided by Signature Systems, Inc.  Signature has resellers in the following countries:  US, Austria, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands.

e/PAC is a special software program to give your customers a secure internet based interface with your D/PAC system.  Using e/PAC, your customers can place orders, warehouse releases, securely via internet, view reports, contact you by email, and much more--24 hours a day.

Intuitive screens, easy navigation, and integration with D/PAC make this system a must for every company running D/PAC.  For a demo click on the "e/PAC" logo above.

We welcome your participation in this site. See the community page for information about our technical support services, free downloads for licensed customers, discussion board, and more.

See the documentation page for links to our on-line library of technical documentation, documentation updates, tips, and software alerts.

See the FAQ page for a list of frequently asked questions.

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